Web based program Pico GPS

Online mode

  • time tracking, location, speed, occurrences, speed traces, addresses, engine state, temperature, mileage, fuel level, etc.
  • using GOOGLE maps: all views GOOGLE MAPS provides to users
  • create temporary routes
  • traffic

Road reports

  • daily road report
  • montly road report
  • period road  report
  • route road report
  • stops
  • driver identification

Parametric reports

  • fuel consumed on a flow meter
  • fuel consumed by the standard
  • velosity
  • engine temperature
  • load cell temperature – up to 4 temperature sensors
  • revolution
  • accumulator
  • moto hours

Graphic reports

  • velocity
  • fuel level
  • temperaure
  • accumulator


  • velocity
  • temperature
  • events
  • revolution
  • drivers
  • visit POI


  • door openings, troughs of tanks, hatches
  • reaching or leaving a temperature range
  • entering or exiting a particular object, country
  • overspeed
  • sudden stops or crashes
  • theft of fuel
  • use of the car outside of working hours
  • end of year technical inspection, third party liability insurance, car insurance, vignette, tachograph certification


  • defining terrain as a closed polygon
  • identifying objects with a point and a radius


  • create routes with intermediate points
  • show traffic on a created route
  • calculation of arrival time and duration of the trip on selected route


  • overtime work (weekend tax)

Mobile version about IOS and Android OS

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