The GPS Surveillance Platform

was created in 2018 by specialists with extensive experience in the field of measuring instruments and mobile data transmission. We have tried to avoid all the mistakes we have made in our development process and offer consumers a sustainable system with a functional and easy-to-use program of high quality and low cost.


Traffic management of transport vehicles

standard loads, refrigeration chambers, fuels, lubricants and chemical agents, transport of people

Automobile management of road construction equipment

trucks and dumpers, concrete trucks excavators, cranes, fadroms, asphalt pavers, rollers stationary and mobile aggregates

Mixed fleet management

Web based program Pico GPS

Online mode

time tracking, location, speed, occurrences, speed traces, addresses, engine state, temperature, mileage...

Road reports

daily road report montly road report period road report route road report stops driver identification...

Parametric reports

fuel consumed on a flow meter fuel consumed by the standard velosity engine temperature load cell temperature...

Mobile version about IOS and Android OS

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Sofia 1606, 63, MD "Skobelev" Blvd.

Нова версия

Здравейте, GPS базираната платформа PicoGPS разработва своята следваща версия. Моля посетете новите вече достъпни модули от нея и ни изпратете отзиви и препоръки на

Платформата Pico-GPS ще предлага услугата "Включване към националната ТОЛ система" на вашите автомобили и електронно разплащане на дължимите такси.

Достъпни модули: Наблюдение в реално време, Пътни справки, Цифрови датчици, Събития, Ремонти, Маршрути, Маркировки

New Version

Hello, PicoGPS GPS-based platform is developing its next version. Please visit the new modules already available from it and send us feedback and recommendations to the

The Pico-GPS platform will offer the "Include to the National Toll System" service for your vehicles and the electronic payment of fees.

Affordable modules: Surveillance in real time, Road reports, Digital sensors, Events, Repairs, Routes, Markings

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